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How to Convert JPG to PNG Using Linux Command

How to Convert JPG to PNG Using Linux Command

When we work with images in our project, we often need to convert the format of the images. In Linux OS, you can do this stuff by using one line Linux command. It is pretty simple to do. You can use the following command to convert JPG images to PNG format.

mogrify -format png /path/*.jpg 

This command will produce the png files in the same directory with the source files. To get the result in a certain directory you could specify the directory path like the command below.

mogrify -path /dest_path/ -format png /path/*.jpg

Thank you mogrify! 🙂

How to Share One Mouse and Keyboard for Two Computers

How to Share One Mouse and Keyboard for Two Computers

Tonight, I am going to work on my projects. It was quite interesting that I just realized I need to use two laptops at the same time. At first, I just put both of the laptops on the same table and I used each mouse and keyboard. But, before I felt the back pain caused by turning aside frequently, I just realized that there must be some way I can use my only-one mouse and the attached keyboard for both of these laptops as I do with the dual extended screen. Thankfully, I found how to do it and I really want to share it with you since it might be really useful for you.

Thanks for Synergy, It is a great app that can do the magic for us. You can simply install this app on both of your laptops and let the Synergy do the trick. This is the simple steps you need to do to set up the server-side (sharing the mouse and keyboard) and client-side (using server’s mouse and keyboard).


After you installed the synergy, you can open by running synergy command on the terminal or open the app by launching from gnome launcher.

Screenshot from 2017-10-30 01-06-28.png
Synergy app

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Python Basics

We have already know about What is Python and why we need to learn Python. Now, we are going to show you the fundamentals that you will be happy to learn in the first step in mastering Python.

Just like another programming language Python has syntax, variable, function, and development environment. Python also has an interactive shell that can be used to test our code quickly and it is very helpful for us to learn this language. In this tutorial, We are only going to show you the example using Linux/Unix based Operating System.

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What is Python

Source : bookdepository.com
As a programmer, I have learned and understood several programming languages. Thanks to Accelbyte that has given me lots of experience including “introducing” me with many cool programming languages like Go, java, shell, and of course Python.  In this post I will also introduce you about Python and Why you should learn it.

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