“If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started I was desperately wishing to be where I am now.”


Python Basics

We have already know about What is Python and why we need to learn Python. Now, we are going to show you the fundamentals that you will be happy to learn in the first step in mastering Python.

Just like another programming language Python has syntax, variable, function, and development environment. Python also has an interactive shell that can be used to test our code quickly and it is very helpful for us to learn this language. In this tutorial, We are only going to show you the example using Linux/Unix based Operating System.

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Transportation in Istanbul, Turkey

Today is our 17th Day live in Turkey. My wife and I arrived at Sabiha Gokcen airport on the 3rd September. I need to go here to continue my study in Robotics, especially in Deep Learning and my wife is here to accompany me and giving birth to our first baby, hopefully. It is a big step for us and we are always ready for the great journey.

There are lots things which are very different in our country, Indonesia. We’d spent most of our time these past 5 years at Yogyakarta and It was very pleasant experience. Now, we need to do the adaptation to our new “home”. One of the biggest difference is the way we are moving to the other place. We used to ride a motorcycle all over the way in Yogya. But in here, we are getting used to using a public transportation.

The main choice for us is using metro (underground train), bus, and metro-bus (a bus with the special route like TransJakarta). We have another choice like Uber and Taxi but we do not recommend because people drive too recklessly here so It won’t be a good choice for your heart.

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How to setup Jenkins using Docker Container

This guide pressume you have already launch EC2 instance and installed docker inside it. To setup Jenkins on your EC2 do the following installation steps.

  1. Start Docker Service Run the following command
$ sudo service docker start

It will start docker service to run on your ec2. You can check the service using docker infocommand.

  1. Create the docker image We will use official Jenkins docker image and build our own Jenkins docker image. First, we need to create a Dockerfile. Write down these code on the Dockerfile.

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Which Linux Command: How to find the installation path of your software on Linux

Which Linux Command: How to find the installation path of your software on Linux

Have you ever found something weird on your app when you’re working? Sometimes, it might be because the installation path of your software isn’t listed by the environment apps. But, now you think how could I add the installation path to environment path if I didn’t know the installation path of the app. Thank to ‘which’ command. It is so powerful to figure your app’s installation path.

How to use which

The simplest way to use which command is by following this form:

$ which <applicationname>

For example,

$ which python

in my computer, it results


Theoretically, all app should be installed in /usr/bin folder. But, It does not happen in reality. Some apps are installed in a different location, the others are located in multiple locations.

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