How to Convert JPG to PNG Using Linux Command

How to Convert JPG to PNG Using Linux Command

When we work with images in our project, we often need to convert the format of the images. In Linux OS, you can do this stuff by using one line Linux command. It is pretty simple to do. You can use the following command to convert JPG images to PNG format.

mogrify -format png /path/*.jpg 

This command will produce the png files in the same directory with the source files. To get the result in a certain directory you could specify the directory path like the command below.

mogrify -path /dest_path/ -format png /path/*.jpg

Thank you mogrify! 🙂


What is Python

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As a programmer, I have learned and understood several programming languages. Thanks to Accelbyte that has given me lots of experience including “introducing” me with many cool programming languages like Go, java, shell, and of course Python.  In this post I will also introduce you about Python and Why you should learn it.

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The First Quarter: My Amazing World in Accelbyte

The First Quarter: My Amazing World in Accelbyte

This week end so fast since there is a holiday today. I just realize that this is the 3rd Month I worked at Accelbyte since my first day on mid-January in this year. I have gained a lot of experience working  learning with the very talented team which I believe it is could only be found at least 1 in 1.000.000 opportunity. This team is very rare.

Today, I just want to write what makes me feel honored and motivated to keep working with Accelbyte. I hope this can also benefit you, all of the readers, to feel motivated with your current work.

Getting Paid to LEARN!

This is my dream since I was a final year student. I want to be able to upgrade my capacity while I need to get some earnings for my family, especially for my beloved wife. 🙂

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Which Linux Command: How to find the installation path of your software on Linux

Which Linux Command: How to find the installation path of your software on Linux

Have you ever found something weird on your app when you’re working? Sometimes, it might be because the installation path of your software isn’t listed by the environment apps. But, now you think how could I add the installation path to environment path if I didn’t know the installation path of the app. Thank to ‘which’ command. It is so powerful to figure your app’s installation path.

How to use which

The simplest way to use which command is by following this form:

$ which <applicationname>

For example,

$ which python

in my computer, it results


Theoretically, all app should be installed in /usr/bin folder. But, It does not happen in reality. Some apps are installed in a different location, the others are located in multiple locations.

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A little First Step to the Great Journey

A little First Step to the Great Journey

Most good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is fun to program.

-Linus Torvalds

Hi, today is my third day starting to work in a start-up company. It is a nice experience to have this opportunity. This is a new environment for me. So many people with high skill gather around to make a great company. Even It is just a start up, I see a big hope for this company to grow as a big tech company. I also really enjoy working in this start up. There is some feeling that I have missed for a long time. It is a GREAT FEELING. Continue reading “A little First Step to the Great Journey”

What is API?

What is API?

As a programmer, we often hear about API. When you try to develop your own code for a company usually you should create an API in the end of your work. Many beginners often ask the question about What an API is. Here is the simplified explanation about the cool thing called API.

Let’s start with the story in a restaurant.


Suppose you are having dinner in a restaurant with high services and reliable waitress. You want to order something from the “system” that people usually know as a kitchen. You choose your preferred meal and give it to the waitress. The waitress then brings your order and give it to the kitchen. The kitchen (read: system) do the process to create your meal. After that, the waitress takes the meal to your table. It’s really simple. Continue reading “What is API?”

Why Linux is Better for Programmers?

Why Linux is Better for Programmers?

Being a programmer is my dream since I was a first-grade engineering student. It was very confusing to decide whether I should use Windows or Linux to write my code and develop something on my own. Thank you for the forums and all review from programmers over the world.Today, I am so sure that Linux-based OS is the best OS for programmers.

Below I want to show you the key advantages in using Linux as your OS for developing your program. Including some brief explanation so you could be motivated to start learning Linux for your programming works.

The Power of Open Source

Linux is popular with its identity as an open source operating system. Everything on Linux is open. You can read all of the codes that make your operating system running. Since you can read and edit or add your code Linux can be customized as you want. It can be as simple and as complex as you need. You have the freedom to choose your own configuration. This can be really helpful if you are working in some critical hardware programming project which really needs an effective and efficient operating system.

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