The First Quarter: My Amazing World in Accelbyte

The First Quarter: My Amazing World in Accelbyte

This week end so fast since there is a holiday today. I just realize that this is the 3rd Month I worked at Accelbyte since my first day on mid-January in this year. I have gained a lot of experience working  learning with the very talented team which I believe it is could only be found at least 1 in 1.000.000 opportunity. This team is very rare.

Today, I just want to write what makes me feel honored and motivated to keep working with Accelbyte. I hope this can also benefit you, all of the readers, to feel motivated with your current work.

Getting Paid to LEARN!

This is my dream since I was a final year student. I want to be able to upgrade my capacity while I need to get some earnings for my family, especially for my beloved wife. 🙂

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