As a programmer, we often hear about API. When you try to develop your own code for a company usually you should create an API in the end of your work. Many beginners often ask the question about What an API is. Here is the simplified explanation about the cool thing called API.

Let’s start with the story in a restaurant.


Suppose you are having dinner in a restaurant with high services and reliable waitress. You want to order something from the “system” that people usually know as a kitchen. You choose your preferred meal and give it to the waitress. The waitress then brings your order and give it to the kitchen. The kitchen (read: system) do the process to create your meal. After that, the waitress takes the meal to your table. It’s really simple.

api-scheme-2-940x563API is working in the same way.   It will be a bridge between some devices or application to create a connection. In simple words, API is a messenger that take your request and tell the system what you want to do and then give back the response to you.

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It makes something such as online reservation, place an order, or book a flight, that impossible before can happen in our new world. Everything is connected in our new world thanks for API.

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2 thoughts on “What is API?

  1. Hello! Thank you for this great post of API introduction. The “waiter” illustration makes it easier to understand the API.
    By the way, what you have described here is called HTTP API, so I would suggest changing the title to “What is HTTP API” in order to avoid any confusion caused by the title.


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